Hi group,

I've looked all over the internet to find my solution without luck. Hopefully you can help.

I need to add an Oracle server to my data sources in Visual Studio (if it matters, I'm using VB.net). Per the best instructions I've found so far, I've selected "Data Sources" and have chosen to "Add New Data Source". I've chosen "Database" as to where the application will get data from. "Dataset" is the database model chosen. When trying to add the new connection, my choices are "Microsoft Access Database File", "Microsoft SQL Server", "Microsoft SQL Server Database File" and "<other>". I do not see a choice for an Oracle Database. I believe that is what I need to add. I do have a drop down box for the "Data provider". In that it give options for .Net framework providers in SQL and OLE DB. Again, nothing for Oracle. Clearly I must be doing something wrong. But what? Can you help??

In advance, thanks for all you do.


Re: Connecting to a Oracle Server in Visual Studio Express 2015 80 80

I did find the solution on my own. I kept trying different things. It all came down to choosing "<other>" and loading the Oracle OLE DB.

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