Help me....!
Actually I have records about 1000 credit customers,
My collection boys go to their door on due date(eg. 15-11-2016) for collection of money.
but they have no money to pay,that's why they call my collection boy after 10 day(eg. 26-11-2016).

I want the query in Sql.
if any customer give any other date,then my collection boy enter that date(26-11-2016) in application.and I want that,extended date get remind me on only that date(26-11-2016) which is entered by collection boy,not daily.
and after taking money the due date will remain(15-11-2016).
for next month collection.

I am unable to perform this operation in sql as well as other,so please help me out of this problem.

You'll need to show your table structure, some sample data and how you want your output.

first all 3 images are continue as column name shown in 4th image...
please help me...

I want that,
when custmer said that come after 10 days to due date for money collection,
at that time collection boy enter new date for after 10 days from a TextBox,
then it will remind on application after 10 days only,not before 10 days nor daily,
and after money submission the date will remain the due date(primary) not secondry date,which is generated for extend 10 days.
Project is under development and using platform is C#

Hey Mr. Pritaeas
please rectify my problem as soon you can,please....

You haven't specified how your output should look like.

What have you tried? I'm here to help, not do your work for you.

okey don't get me wrong,I am just asking for help,because I didn't rectify.
1.look I have a company of cable operator system,& have customer about 1000.
2.Its obvious that many people delay their payment.
3.When any one of my customer says to my collection boy to coming after 10 days,then collection boy go to their door to collect money after 10 days,but might be boy forget that date and miss that door.
4.That why I want to create a database have functionality that,if customer says new date to collect money at that time boy enter new date from a textbox or datepicker which is already in frontend.
5.Now, that newly created date of after 10 remind me through application only after 10 days on that newly created date.
6.after collecting money collection boy press payment button,then the date automatically remain due date(according to table activation date) not newly generated date.
now this time if you understood what i want to say,then please try to do if you can,or atleast tell me about logic.
Good Day... :-)

You can get the list of customers to collect with something like this:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE()

If you add a new column, say NewDateToCollect, then you can just add that to the query:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE() OR NewDateToCollect = CURDATE()

sir as per your suggestion I was use this query it will swap the ActivationDate to CURDATE() but definately it will not reset to their original activation date(due date),aftter pass CURDATE().
Sir plz if this is possible that after passing CURDATE() it will remain ActivationDate.
then plz help.

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