Fell virtual server, yesterday raised and moved onto a new backup of 02.12.15 number of backup, whether it is possible to restore the database with a log of the ldf 12.24.15 number

While I did help way back when with a SQL Server 2008, your post is unreadable. But it appears your backup and restore procedures are broken as well. These backup and restore procedures are written down, tested and put alongside your disaster recovery plan for the day things go terribly wrong.

To me it sounds like your plan writer needs to be called in to see if they missed something.

You may try both variant of restoration:

First powerful resources

https://www.repairtoolbox.com/sqlserverrepair.html SQL Server Repair Toolbox

• Open your SQL Server Management Studio console. This application shortcut is available in the SQL Server directory in the Windows Start button.
• Enter the system administrator user name and password. SQL Server's administrator user name is "sa." This account is required for privileges to restore the database. If your restoring on a host provider server, use the administrator user name and password they supplied for your account.
• Right-click your database name and select "Attach." In the new window that opens, click the "Add" button to open a dialog box.
• Select your MDF file and press the "Ok" button. It may take several minutes to restore the database if it is a large file. Once the process is finished, browse your tables to verify the data. The database is now restored.

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