Hi, I was hoping someone could help me.
I'm trying to create a database to track exam results of students through 4 years of university study. Each year, students sit up to 10 different exams which have different weighting allocated to the results to determine a final aggregate result. I want to be able to have a database to view each student, their results for each exam, their aggregate results and then rank within their year grade.
The thing I am struggling with is how to design the database as: 1. there are some students who repeat a year, and 2. over the years, occasionally the weighting of exams change.
Can someone help me think of a way to design the database to get around these problems?

Show your work such as what you are proposing for a database structure, how the tables are related, what are the primary and foreign keys, etc. We don't do your homework for you but will help once you have made some effort.