Hello, I am trying to run my tables in the Sql Workshop using the Sql Commands option in Oracle, and I get this error - "ORA-00922: missing or invalid option". I read that this is somehow related to the NOT NULL option, but I think this is how my table should look like, and it still gives me an error. So, would you, please, take a look at it.

CREATE TABLE Izraboteni proekti (
  Primaren_broj NUMERIC(30)   NOT NULL ,
  Kandidat_ID NUMERIC(30)   NOT NULL ,
  Tema VARCHAR(255)    ,
  Ocena NUMERIC(30)      ,
PRIMARY KEY(Primaren_broj, Kandidat_ID),
  FOREIGN KEY(Kandidat_ID)
    REFERENCES Kandidat(Kandidat_ID));

'Izraboteni proekti' it is not a a valid table name. you should put an underscore (Izraboteni_proekti).

I have no idea how I missed that :) Thanks a lot ! Greetings.