I have make a ERD. And there is a case.
Can someone look to this both?
Did I forget something?
Would anything else have to be done?

my case is:
A hotel guest can be a main guest or a travel companion. Only a major guest can book and check out. A reservation is an appointment between the hotel and a principal guest for a future stay in a room of a particular room type. The reservation will be converted into a stay upon check-in. A stay is a continuous period in which certain hotel guests stay in a specific room. There is the limitation that every traveling companion belongs to a guest guest staying in the same period. A room type may, depending on the season, have a different accommodation price. During a stay, more services can be used.

thanks in advance ERD_EN.jpg

In the future I make the code.
But now I only make the ERD.

Do you think after reading the case the ERD is correct?

thanks in advance

Is the ERD correct? I'm going with no for the reasons I questioned above. I do know folk that try to enforce rules by database design but that's their choice. Here I have my app plus database to meet the specs.

-> There are items I worry about if this was to ever go live. Such as who checked out and how. Here the checkout can be by key drop or another reason. That's just one omission in the database, so you need to forget the idea this database will emerge unchanged as the development progresses.

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