Hello !
I'm having a university project where I have to make a database on MS Access .
The subject is :

We have a company that deals with trading. You need to make a database
to serve cost and product discounts for customers. The database must
contain :

-Nomenclature of customers with fields of your choice
-Nomenclature of items with fields of your choice
-Nomenclature, which represents individual prices for
certain items pertaining to specific customers.

When selecting a customer, the database must show all items with
the respective prices depending on whether a customer is using it
individual prices or not.

I am newbie in database management and its really hard for me at this moment,
so any help wil be appriciated ! :)

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Okay, I have my database with my relations, but I don't know how to make the form.
Have to make a list with the available client records and when I click a client to show above in another list the discounts for a specific product ?
Does anybody have an idea ?

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How can I calculate the % of a price, but taking one column from one table and one column from another ?

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