Hello !
I'm having a university project where I have to make a database on MS Access .
The subject is :

We have a company that deals with trading. You need to make a database
to serve cost and product discounts for customers. The database must
contain :

-Nomenclature of customers with fields of your choice
-Nomenclature of items with fields of your choice
-Nomenclature, which represents individual prices for
certain items pertaining to specific customers.

When selecting a customer, the database must show all items with
the respective prices depending on whether a customer is using it
individual prices or not.

I am newbie in database management and its really hard for me at this moment,
so any help wil be appriciated ! :)

The way this works is that before you get help you have to show that you have put in some effort to solve it yourself. It would help if you Read This Before Posting a Question.

Following that, please feel free to post your questions here.

Okay, I have my database with my relations, but I don't know how to make the form.
Have to make a list with the available client records and when I click a client to show above in another list the discounts for a specific product ?
Does anybody have an idea ?

How can I calculate the % of a price, but taking one column from one table and one column from another ?