hi, im den and started to learn php. i need help on how to code. the problem is something like this:
in my mysql database there are input personnel. i want to make a choice who among those personnel im going to let join in a training class. my premise is who ever reach 6months are eligible to go to training class.
also every time the personnel reach 6 months it wilk notify that its up for class training.

hope can help me with this. ty.

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So lets be clear - no one is going to do the work for you without compensation - that said, I will try to give you some ideas on how to solve your problem as a "programmer" would.

1 - Identify what you need
    -- Table for Personnel
        -- Either a related table for datetime information for activity or a column in this table for when the user was inserted (mySQL now() function)
    -- a PHP script or mysql stored proceedure that will check if TODAY is >= 6 months from the user's join date (or, just the proc to add them or check eligability or.... so many ways to do this, it depends on the business logic)
    -- a Table for classes/courses
    -- a Table for registered users mapped to courses
    -- Im sure you will need more administrative stuff too...

--------- in short -> this area is where you assess HOW you can solve a problem given your best understanding of data and the problem you are trying to solve.

2 - Start with what you know.
    -- if you know PHP, start there and build the pages to look and function the way you want/expect, and try to keep in mind what your data will look like.
    -- if you know SQL, start with your table structures and data management.
    -- if you only know HTML and CSS, make it pretty, and use them as templates when you get into PHP
    -- .. if you haven't gotten it by now, the message is - just get started and figure out what you don't know by doing.

3 - use google to find what you don't know, and slowly add on as you understand concepts and best practices.

4 - wash, rinse, repeat.


ty ryantroop for the tip. specially the no 3 n 4. the more i do it ill bump into multiple such as this scenario. but ill start doing it then let see.

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