Hi to all!

I'm fairly new to using High availability group and i've been having issues with storage space from my Logs drive from my primary server.. I just want to know why is my Log file not shrinking after I do backups(Full) on the primary server..

also, another question.. can I do the backup on my secondary server before shrinking my Logs on the primary? the reason I want to do this because my primary server has a database primarily used for Production(MES) and I don't want any downtime on their part..

Thanks in Advance.

Re: SQL High Availability Group 80 80

well, i've been reading some forums that before I shrink the logs I need to do a full backup first. but then again my question is rather than do a Full backup on the primary server. can I do it on the secondary replica?

Re: SQL High Availability Group 80 80

I can't see how that differs. If replication is really working and you have your procedures for all the functions you must do, how would it differ?

Re: SQL High Availability Group 80 80

you got a point.. also I tried to take backup on the replica server before shrinking the logs.. I guess it does the job.. thanks anyways..

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