So I am really interested in making a database, I have knowledge about html and css, not javascript and I just want to begin learning and making a database.
I am going to use this website:
so you can see my website in the internet, I don't really expect a lot of people are going to my website, like more than 20 people in a day, but here is the question or discussion?
how and where do I begin learn about databases, I don't really care what language I am going to use, like sql or php, is sql even a language? I don't know.
I just need a ton of information (:

btw, do I need to host a sql server or something, I am not going to pay anything with money.
I already downloaded xampp, I don't know if this going to help me.

I don't know your current skill set, but I found Joe Cielko's SQL for Smarties an excellent book.

commented: Also, SQL for Dummies. +0

do you have a link of that book?
btw, if you know some database tutorials or guides then give me the link if you want (:

If you google it you will find a link on Amazon. If you want to just download it then we don't help you with that here. You can start with the online w3 tutorial for free.

I just need a ton of information

Here it is:
MySQL docs.

You can test it here:


commented: Thanks man, this will help even more :D +0

mysql is free. you can also get it in xampp. many tutorial sites are available to explain it. you can also ask me for free help if you get stuck in tutorials