Hello. At work, I have to count about 5k in a day for products. When someone takes out or puts in products for example 450 I have to recount again. So I want to create a system that when someone puts some kind of product on the shelf they would enter the quantity they are putting on the stock. For example, TOM puts 150 pcs of -product1- in stock. Then Bill will take 50 pcs of the same product1. So the system would do the calculation: 150-50 = 100 pcs left in stock. When TOM will put again 110 pcs of product1 system would do the calculation again: 100 + 110 = 210 pcs in stock. The system would show "REPORT in another table". I used the MS Access database to create a database. But I don't know how to make an REPORT table to get date from other tables and do couting. Then I want to use Visual studio control to database. I can't find any help...

Program that I want to create using Visual studio and MS access IMGUR link:

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In a database, you can just keep the count of every part, and as the users take or return stock, the count changes. If you want to know about the activity, you can have a table of activities, which can either be the primary and the stock level is the sum of counts for any product from original inventory forward, or a trigger or acess procedure generated side table of history of changes to the stock table. More sophisticated systems tie invoices to stock changes, so you can return a whole order at once and similar nice additional behaviors.

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