I am looking to create a database to record when students' work has been handed in to the office. I have created the form but it needs to be able to record who signed in the work. There are several people working in the office and will use the database. How can I record who logged in to the database to accept the work on the form itself?

Tell more about how they logged into the database.

I am thinking along the lines that the office staff will have indivdual usernames and passwords and login in on a seperate form, before going to the main form which acts as a receipt.

Google sheets keeps track of all changes and who entered them, and allows multiple user concurrent access. An RDBMS app needs to know who is logged in to make changes, and could have a complete history as well as status (the latest history) rows and active (the status is active) rows. I once wrote a quick app like this, where active and status were just views of history, all churn ws insert, and so history was 100%, very handy in RAD. Later we added archival update/delete, where the original/deleted were copied to parallel tables, and undo/redo was supported. It had just a few tables: courses, students, teachers, and learning events where the three interacted. Later we added areas, which was nice until users deleted people to get them out of their area only to have them reappear when they were reactivated in their new area. Dead to me is not dead! :D