Hi. I'm trying to write a game in PHP. Now a weird item shows up in my database.


"Nieuw" means "New".

Do you have any idea what this is and how to delete it?



I'm attaching the image here so everyone can see the image without having to click on a third-party link (that might be deleted, etc. in the future).


It's not a weird item. It just is a link from within phpMyAdmin to create a new table in your database. If you click it, you'll be brought to the screen to name your table and decide what fields it should have.

Ok. I'm just not used to it. I'll just leave it there. Would you think I'll get the opportunity to decide if I'd like to have it or to delete it?


It’s not an actual item in your database. It’s simply a link that’s part of the phpMyAdmin interface. It doesn’t exist if you don’t use phpMyAdmin.

No, I don’t believe that phpMyAdmin would offer a settings page to choose whether there should be a link to create a new table or not within their user interface.

Ok. I'd just like it to be different. ;-)

By the way, is there anybody who would like to participate in the development of this game? A great deal is done yet. If you would, please send me a message or anything and I'll explain how it's built so far.



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