Illustrate a database for the video club using a recent video club entities

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What video club are you referring to?

Help us to help you. We can't do your homework for you without you explaining what the assignment is all about.

commented: So we'll do homework if they explain it? +0

What we can do, and I think what we should do, is guide this person through the process of design and development, without unilaterally giving specific answers. We should ask questions, read their answers, and provide correction and guidance. We should try to teach them how to fish.

He has come here to get help from people he thinks know more than he does, and perhaps get some help from a few experts. We should be flattered. We should be gracious and kind.

I would start by asking him what he knows about videos, what are its essential characteristic or attributes. Then how does the club membership work. This is nothing more than the kind of question I ask myself everytime I sit down to work on a database project.

So, if the original poster is still out there, the ball is in your court.

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