I have a test vserver and a production server both running linux. Currently a database has been created on the test server and is used for testing applications.
Now the databse is ready to be transferred to the production database. And it should function in the exact same way. the test server will keep running for test puurposes as and when changes need to be made, they will be made on the test database and only when fully tested willl the changes be implemented on the production box.

Whats the best way to transfer the database to the production env? WIll RMAn be good for the job or should i just use exp/imp utility and create the database instance at the destination and then import.

Could someone please help me with this situation. i am new to Oracle /Linux DBA stuff. And the vast amount to tools 7 utilitues RMAN/ exp-imp etc have got me confused. Please tlee me what the best option is./


You don't say which version of Oracle that your using.

If the live server has an identical setup to the test server you could simply shut the test database down and copy the files into the identical directories on the live server. You will also need to set the ORACLE_SID values and make sure the $ORACLE_BASE directory structure is in place, that you copy the password and spfile / init.ora files accross as well. Oh and dont forget to add the database name into the oratab file.

Export / import will work but you need to precreate the shell database and then do a full import. This can be slow if you have a lot of data.