I know this is pretty dumb question but I just wanted to ask because I am not sure if I can figure it out by myself. :(

So here is the deal. I have a mysql database called "appinfo" there there is a table called "appdis"

Now in that table there is three columns. Fist one is ID, second one is name and last one is a long description. Now how can I show only that long description on my webpages and nothing else?

Here's an example of how to use php to query a mysql database:


$dbhost = "localhost"; // may be something else
$dbuser = "user"; // enter your db username
$dbpass = "pass"; // enter your db password
$db = "appinfo";

    $con = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass)
        or die("The site database appears to be down.");

    if ($db!="" and !mysql_select_db($db))
        die("The site database is unavailable");
mysql_select_db($db, $con);
$sql = "SELECT description FROM appdis";

$result = mysql_query($sql);

{ ?>
    <p><?php echo $row['description']; ?></p>
<?php }