hi, dont usually ask for help since i believe in google. But im in a serious fix.

currently working on a table that has three fields, 'id' 'current' 'previous'.

i want to insert another field (or two - no too sure how to go about it) but with images (up_arrow and down_arrow). Now. When i create my query i would like it to automatically select a image depending on wether 'current' as improved or decreased (thus up_arrow, down_arrow).

Any help (or a push in the right direction) would be seriously appreciated. Thanks

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The best way to store graphics/images in a database is to not store it in the database. Confused? Of course. Instead of storing the file itself in the database just store the path to the image along with the image name. Store the image in some directory and when you need it just retrieve the filename and path to it.


thanks, but i already knew that, yes you can link the images or blob etc.... was hoping for information regarding the actaul query I'd have to use. Yet again, thanks for your somewhat, cocky reply.


I don't know what you mean. SQL is exactly that, basic structured query language. If you want to do anything more fancy with your data you have to use a language (such as php) to do stuff.

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