First, I consider myself a novice in Mssql. I've recently began the revision of a website that uses MS Sql Server 2000. In a effort to set up a working environment on my pc, I asked to get a copy of the sql server database. The response was something like "I'm not going to do that!" or "that's too much effort" which left me baffled. Furthermore, the size of the database shouldn't be the issue.

In Access all that is needed is the .mdb file to copy a database. In Sql Server is it that more complicated? My questions are as follows

How does someone copy a sql server database to another pc?
Were they expecting that I remotely test with Sql Server? Is that possible or practical? Isn't it prefered to have the db localized?

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The problem that you will have to Detach the Database (which will disconect it) copy the files xxx.mdf and xxx.ldf from the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data" folder reattach the DB, place the files on the new PC and attach them. It is may be a little risky. What I usually do is create a temp. DB and copy all objects into it and then move it or use it for testing.