I've been tring unsuccessfully to find information on what each language, C and PHP, have to offer in terms of working with MySQL. Just wondering if anyone out there has preference for one or the other and why. I understand that PHP is supposed to have alot of built-in functionality to work with databases. I can't really find much out there about using C to manipulate databases though. Wouldn't a server-side C program be a more efficient program to run? Please post your thoughts, any would be appreciated!

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There are ever so many reasons to love PHP and MySQL.

The PHP license
The freeness of open source and Free software is guaranteed by a gaggle of licensing schemes,
most famously the GPL (Gnu General Public License) or copyleft. PHP used to be released
Ease of Use
Cross-platform compatibility
Fast feature development
Strong user communities

PHP is built by Web developers for Web developers
and supported by a large and enthusiastic community. Both technologies are clear-cut cases of the community banding together to address its own needs.


Well, from what I know of C, it has just as much SQL manipulation control, using less server processing. With larger, and more often accessed sites, wouldn't that be an issue? C is just as free as PHP, just as easy to use since they share a common syntax and because of C's maturity it's just as stable.

I'm trying to find some effective uses of C as a programming language for web development and database manipulation. It's a fast, efficient language and also has much better memory management for server-side coding. Does anyone else use C at all for web dev?


Whether you use c or php to call a Mysql command makes hardly any difference. The point being it is still calling and executing the same Mysql command.

However, if you had of said, "hey isn't 'C' a great language for database design", then you probably would have a point. Mysql is a combination of C and C++ which makes it a highly efficient database tool.

I would doubt many people would consider using C for the front end web development side of things. It's the wrong tool for the job.

You might want to read about php optimization maybe:-

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