Hi guys!

I've never used SQL Server before and I don't want to fall at the first hurdle. SQL Server is installed and connected to the server but how do I go about actually creating the database? I am developing a web based database using dreamweaver and asp.net. Do I use visual studio to enter the sql to create the tables? or do I enter the code into SQL Server? I'm a bit confused.

I know this question is a bit simple, I just need a nudge in the right direction!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreiciated!


u said u have installed sql in u r computer.so go to
start->programs->sql sever->enterprise -> server group-> local->click on +->right click on data bases u will get new database-.a wizard will open->create a data base.
if u still have google it .

yeah i thought a wizard or something would come up but i have nothing!

when i go start > programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005, my options are:

>Analysis Services
>Configuration Tools
>Documentation and Tutorials
>Performance Tools
>SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (which brings up Visual Studio)
>SQL Server Management Studio

I know this may be a really simple question but I really dont know how to get started!

Im probably being stumped by something silly!!!