My XNA Indie game engine "TemporalWars" code is now available on CodePlex ->

You can download the engine, which is in C#, and build indie game for Microsoft's XNA platform.


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Your link has an additional period at the end. Just figured I'd throw that out there as someone else may click the link, call it dead and not investigate further.

Nice work on that engine. I hope to see some games you make on top of it to demo it and/or games you get fellow developers to make that really show it off.

Thanks for the callout!

Actually, this game engine was hell... started it in 2008, and still work on it on my free time! However, I have noticed hackers attacked my game website several times. Typical.

Also, I have created a new Youtube video showing off the highlights of the new Indie game 'Pumpkin Toss";


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