Hi all,
I want to input joystick to my code,which is very simple smile.gif.I searched the net but find out that people use DirectInput , etc... but i want a very simple application, for example like when you pull right, a variable in the code changes from 0 to 10,whne you pull left another variable changes from 2 to 8, etc... I use VC++ v6.0, no .NET,no C# please. here i send a sample code I wrote in which i wanna input joystick for sometry. thank you everyone.

#include <time.h>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

void wait ( double seconds )
clock_t endwait;
endwait = clock () + seconds * CLK_TCK ;
while (clock() < endwait) {}

int main()

double t;
double delt;
double delf;
double function;

cout<< "Derivative of the function : "<<endl;
cin>>delf ;
cout<< "Time deviation : "<<endl;


do {

function = function+ delf*delt ;

// here i want to add joystick reading here
// joy1= ....???
//joy2= .....???
// like : when i move left,it reads 5 for joy1, and when i move right it reads 3 for joy2, etc...
// moreover,it eould be superb if also i can read the value as how much i move joystick,
//for example, when i move it from center to left end,joy1 value increases from 0 to 8.

wait (delt);
cout<<" Function is "<<function<<endl;
// modifed function with joystick input :

} while (t <= 40);
return 0;
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C and C++ do not support joysticks or mice (mouses??) There is no simple solution and any solution must use os-specific api functions. DirectX, DirectDraw, etc are complicated and not for beginners. If you search google you might find a useful device driver for your program.


If you are using the microsoft development for vis c++ and are using windows; include the mmsystem.h and the library winmm.lib; both of which access the methods of the win32API for joysticks. The following link should give you more direction. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms713447.aspx
If you are not using windows and vis c++ from microsoft, I'm don't have those answers yet. sorry.


if u want joystick..
it's hard.
better stick to keyboard or mouse ones..

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what the hell are you talking about
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