I have wrrtten code for my mobile application, but while running it in java wireless toolkit, i get a screen that displays the following:
" EnvGameMidlet.EnvGame.EnvGameMidletException.java.lang Class Not Found Exception: EnvGame/EnvGameMidlet."

What could be the problem. it compiles well but displays that message when run.
I am developing it using Netbeaans IDE 6.1.

I was trying to design scren displays for, newgame, instructions,about, settings,etc.

Please upload compresed NetBeans directory of your project so I can have look at it.

  1. In your package EnvGame you refer to MIDlet EnvGameMidlet where inside the MIDlet it self and throughout rest of the application you use EnvGameMIDlet. Do right click on the MIDlet choose Refactor >> Rename to give it proper name - EnvGameMIDlet.
  2. class EnvGameMIDlet extends MIDlet implements Runnable is missing public declaration and will throw java.lang.IllegalAccessException on next application execution
  3. I do not understand why you have 2 MIDlets in Application Descriptor (right click on project, Properties >> Application Descriptor >> MIDlets).
  4. Your MIDlet is lot of coding mess it has all these unnecessary methods in, these should be put in separate classes. MIDlet should only have names of the libraries, declaration of it self plus startApp(), pauseApp() and destroyApp(boolean) methods, where startApp() will point to next Display (Form/Canvas/GameCanvas)