Background information on the apps i'm doing: First off i'm new in java and of course having trouble getting use to eclipse programme, and worse of i'm kinna bad in programming... :( And adding on to the problem i'm given only 11 weeks from now to complete the app...

School project for android apps specific: I'm doing an app based on a blackbox which act as an in car video video recorder device where it records video and serve as a source to claim money from the insurance if an accident did happen. I know there's similar apps in the android market.. But first off i'm kinna really lost on how to start the project, can someone give me advice on.. And constructive advice would help a lot.. thanks in advance :)
1. i know android developer give some guide/tips but after reading it im still fairly lost on what to do...

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All the links you provided are useless since they do not explain how the problem was tackled and only link compiled application on not source code on which one may have looked to see how it was done.


Then how should you recommend me to start or continue with the task i'm given to do??

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