i am trying to use a picture for the background of my blackberry app instead of the default white background how can i do this?

any code snippets would be greatly appreciated


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I did something like this few years back for my school project (check the MenuScreen.java file). As far I remember you can set background only for Canvas and not Form.

thanks for the help but its not quite what im looking for

Well then you better explain more in details...

here is the code i am using to set the picture as the background but its not doing it, all it is going is putting it in the top left hand corner and pushing the buttons down.

int mWidth = Display.getWidth();
     int mHeight = Display.getHeight();
     final Bitmap backgroundBitmap = Bitmap.getBitmapResource("superleague.jpg");
     HorizontalFieldManager BackGroundImage = new HorizontalFieldManager(HorizontalFieldManager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |HorizontalFieldManager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT)

         //Override the paint method to draw the background image.
        public void paint(Graphics graphics)
             //Draw the background image and then call super.paint
             //to paint the rest of the screen.
            graphics.drawBitmap(0, 0, mWidth, mHeight,backgroundBitmap, 0, 0);
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