I am a student , I have started learning J2ME. I am not expert in Java but I want to learn the Mobile programming. Can somebody can help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Ehm, what kind of help are you looking for?

I don't know if there's a module for Eclipse, but maybe you should start by downloading the Netbeans Mobility Pack. That's a first step.

The API for ME is a very stripped down SE. The principle is that in a mobile device, you don't usually have the same amount of memory that you'd have on a PC, so the virtual machine installed in it is a very simple one (and actually, as it turns out, they're not even standard; motorola's an example, what works on a nokia, it's possible that it won't work on a SLVR).

ME apps are called midlets. You have objects, classes, inheritance..it's still OO. Chances are, if you have managed Java in the past, you won't have much trouble learning ME.

These midlets can be used locally without a connection or stablishing a communication channel through a network to a remote server. You install it by downloading the Midlet JAR and JAD files into your mobile device (either by using a cable adapter or an http server)

That's just a brief intro...

Basically....try downloading the CLDC profile from SUN's website. Once you have it installed, the programming of a Hello World app will give you a first look into Java ME. After that, it get's pretty straightforward. Look at the API, excercise with it, and don't post forum topics that say "help, somebody explain to me JavaME, i'm too lazy to do some research on my own."