Hello all,

I need to do some simple project for school in java eclipse... so I went to android developer page and downloaded the adt-bundle for windows... I have 64 bit windows so I downloaded 64 version...

I start it and it gives me the error Android sdk content loader has encountered a problem parsesdkcontent failed

I searched and searched google but nothing helps:

I deleted android folder from users folder, I deleted workspace folder as well, stopped adb.exe from task manager... it just wont work...

I must point out that a couple of months ago I did download this adt bundle and it worked fine, but I deleted it.... and now I want to start anew... and now it gives me this error...

can anyone help?


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Sorry to say, but hardly anyine does Android development on Windows machines down to various issues with configuration. Secondly Eclipse is such mess.

Try to isntall Android SDK from zip instead of automated installation (do not forget to modify your system path and ANDROID_HOME there). Aso I would recommend to use AndroidStudio or IntelliJ.

PS: I hope you have Java 6 32 bit installed and not something else


I solved it in a weird way... the previous adt-bundle folder I had in C: folder... and there I tried to put it again but it was giving me that content loader error...

this time I unzipped the folder to D: drive and now it is working without errors...

I wonder what happened...

thanks anyway

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