I recently moved both my eclipse and Android folder into the same location. I didn't know that this would mess up eclipse.
My themes are gone and eclipse can no longer locate the Android SDK. I've looked for ways to fix this online but most of the answers involve reinstalling the SDK from eclipse. My Android folder is ~5 Gigs and I'm not going to begin the whole process all over again.

Now, I could move both folders back to their original locations but I don't want to have to deal with the security popup whenever I open up eclipse.

Is there a way to let eclipse know where the Android SDK is located on my system without reinstalling it?


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most likely, there's some configuration in an .init file (or another eclipse config file) that still points to the previous path of the Android SDK.
but how did you "move" the SDK? just copy paste? at that point, each file that links or has a path to that SDK becomes faultive


I recently moved both my eclipse and Android folder into the same location

Rather generic statement. What exactly did you do?

PS: Android Studio for the win. No silly ADT just point IDE where is Android SDK and setup your project where you want, not dependent on some stupid Workspace

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