I was wondering if anybody is willing to share some information on how much can you earn from implementing add ons to your application? I know that I can not find such info on the web so I want to ask people who actually earn from app advertising. And one other thing, wich I found more important, can anyone provide some info or calculation on how much would I earn by 1000 app downloads and implementing advertisment.

I program for Android, not iOS, so I have experience with Android.

The top ad networks for Android are (URL SNIPPED) Admob, Millennial Media and Inmobi. All of them are known for paying in a timely fashion. Admob has a good fill rate across countries, and a good request RPM rate. The other two not as much. It's a good idea to have two ad networks and have some ad mediation on them. If you have problems with one ad network, you can easily and quickly transfer 100% of your users to the other ad network.

The amount of money made on ads depends on a lot of factors. How many new downloads a day and how many people have it on their phone already. People who just downloaded the app are more likely to use it then someone who just has it on their phone a while. Different countries have different ad rates. Also in my experience, people click on ads in game apps less than apps which perform some useful function.

An app with 5.8 million downloads and 800,000 current installs, with 3000-4000 downloads a day might serve 30000-40000 ads a day. With an 0.5% to 1% clickthrough rate that is 200-300 clicks a day. You might earn 10 to 20 cents a click on Admob. So you might make $35 to $40 a day on that. Current downloads matter a lot, that 3000-4000 a day number has a lot more pull then the 800,000 current installs number. Also, there are many variables. People pay a lot for ad clicks in Scandinavia, say 30 cents a click in Norway, while you're lucky to make 4 cents a click in Costa Rica. The US tends to be on the higher end of that scale.

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