have a code that loads an image online with the AsyncImage module in kivy. i wrote the code in python3 which runs well on the pc but doesnt work on a packaged apk. i think this is because i packaged it using python2.7 buildozer. thanks an image showing the error in logcat

this is the code.

class Gallery(Screen,GridLayout):
    scroller = ObjectProperty(None)
    grid = ObjectProperty(None)
    def __init__ (self,**kwargs):
        super(Gallery, self).__init__(**kwargs)
        if len(self.ids.grid.children) == 0:
            for i in range(13):
                src = "http://placehold.it/480x270.png&text=slide-%d&.png" % i
                image = MyTile(source=src, allow_stretch=True)

I looked up that bulldozer and it looks outdated, years old. I think you need to head to https://kivy.org/#home and see what they suggest for setup and what to use to make Android apps.

thanks i followed the directions perfectly but i dont know why this is happening

Looks like it's time to contact the author to report a bug. Let me share that for our Android work we stick to Android Studio.

i have solved the problem, i just had to add openssl to the dependencies.