Can we handle of android app by ourself rather then android handling it itself?

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@Majestics I really love your opened questions, but this one could be the best of ...,

1) I miss question

2) I miss question here

3) I miss question here for given topic

4) why did you ask this question

5) I miss there real question, Android isn't complicated so much but required strict naming of methods

Sorry, One of my best friends ask this question from me.... I just want to know the solution. As i have already used android so i know its closely related with java... Almost syntax is java... So any java programmer may have its idea, because its a emerging language....

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Your question is akin to asking...

Can we run Microsoft Word ourselves, instead of Microsoft Windows running it?

It doesn't really make any sence.

I didnt mean running, in android a application closing is completly handled by android OS , i windows if we close a program it closes and free up the resource immediatly but in android it dont.... So we can access the application values even the application is shutdown....

Well i think i posted at wrong place, kindly move to mobile development area...

btw in this case I really don't understood reason(s) for down-voted

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Well... I can only go by what the question was asking.
"Handle/handling" is a rather ambiguous term.

Sorry, i dont have alot idea, my friend use to program in it... As he want to ask question so i suggested him DANIWEB.... well the question is pretty simple, i want to free up the resource at once when the application close...

@Majestics man when will you learn that proper problem description is like 75% probability of someone answering your question quickly and with explanation you looking for.
As for your question, yes there is way to control Android application life cycle, and it does depend on Intent (there is/was very good explanation in Professional Android 2 Application Development By Reto Meier chapter 5 - Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Adapters and Internet, but chapter availability depends on Google decision)

I have written a good explanation of how android manages apps and memory here in "The Android OS Architecture"

Its my own website, so sorry for the spam :p but its very relevant to this question, as I go on to explain how the back-stack, activities and suspend/resume work. Should answer your questions...

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Thank you,,, Hope this satisfy my friends ...............

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