A simple demonstration of how MyInput.class can be used to input data from the keyboard. Computation is then done to compute the interest rate on a mortage.

package compmortgage;
public class CompMortgage
// Main method
public static void main(String[] args)
double annualInterestRate;
int numOfYears;
double loanAmount;
String prompt = "\n\nEnter yearly interest rate, for example 8.25 ";
// Enter monthly interest rate
annualInterestRate = MyInput.readDouble();
while (annualInterestRate > 0) {
// Obtain monthly interest rate
double monthlyInterestRate = annualInterestRate/1200;
// Enter number of years
"Enter number of years as an integer, for example 5: ");
numOfYears = MyInput.readInt();
// Enter loan amount
System.out.println("Enter loan amount, for example 120000.95: ");
loanAmount = MyInput.readDouble();
// Calculate payment
double monthlyPayment = loanAmount*monthlyInterestRate/
(1 - (Math.pow(1/(1 + monthlyInterestRate), numOfYears*12)));
double totalPayment = monthlyPayment*numOfYears*12;
// Display results
System.out.println("The monthly payment is " + monthlyPayment);
System.out.println("The total payment is " + totalPayment);
// Enter monthly interest rate
System.out.println(prompt + "(0 to exit) ");
annualInterestRate = MyInput.readDouble();

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