Decimal to Binary conversion

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Convert a decimal (denary) integer to a binary string. An exercise in do ... while and while loops.

// Convert a decimal integer do a binary string
// added a test printf() you can remove later
// Turbo C modified for Pelles C     vegaseat    19nov2004

#include <stdio.h>

void dec2bin(long decimal, char *binary);

int main()
  long decimal;
  char binary[80];

  printf("\n\n Enter an integer value : ");
  printf("\n The binary value of %ld is %s \n",decimal,binary);

  getchar();  // trap enter 
  getchar();  // wait
  return 0;

// accepts a decimal integer and returns a binary coded string
void dec2bin(long decimal, char *binary)
  int  k = 0, n = 0;
  int  neg_flag = 0;
  int  remain;
  int  old_decimal;  // for test
  char temp[80];

  // take care of negative input
  if (decimal < 0)
    decimal = -decimal;
    neg_flag = 1;
    old_decimal = decimal;   // for test
    remain    = decimal % 2;
    // whittle down the decimal number
    decimal   = decimal / 2;
    // this is a test to show the action
    printf("%d/2 = %d  remainder = %d\n", old_decimal, decimal, remain);
    // converts digit 0 or 1 to character '0' or '1'
    temp[k++] = remain + '0';
  } while (decimal > 0);

  if (neg_flag)
    temp[k++] = '-';       // add - sign
    temp[k++] = ' ';       // space

  // reverse the spelling
  while (k >= 0)
    binary[n++] = temp[--k];

  binary[n-1] = 0;         // end with NULL
harshchandra -3 Junior Poster in Training

good one

vegaseat 1,735 DaniWeb's Hypocrite Team Colleague

Vielen Dank Herr harshchandra!

magadum 0 Newbie Poster

nice doc,

but some more comments about program would help us more in understanding the program.;)

beerdragoon 0 Newbie Poster

I love the code samples on the site, I've been a long time reader and never posted anything so I figured I should contribute something (even if it sucks).

Anyhow people who teach programming like to use this exercise to teach the basics of loops, arrays and input parsing. As for the actual binary conversion, you can also do it with bit shifting but it tends to make for messy code. Here's a quick example:

void dec2bin(long i)
	char* str; char* p;

	str = malloc( sizeof(long)*8*sizeof(char) );
	p = str;
	while( i > 0 )
		/* bitwise AND operation with the last bit */
		(i & 0x1) ? (*p++='1') : (*p++='0'); 
		/* bit shift to the right, when there are no
		bits left the value is 0, so the loop ends */
		i >>= 1; 
	while( p-- != str ) /* print out the result backwards */

recrox 0 Newbie Poster

here is a recursion program for the same purpose its quite a bit shorter:

void showbits(int h)
void main()
int nu;
void showbits(int h);
printf("\nBin eq of %d is ",nu);
Q8iEnG 0 Junior Poster

Really nice Idea I was searching for the formula to change from digit to binary,

but please guys could you type some comments in the codes to understand them?

ksj 0 Newbie Poster

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why use char string and not integer array to store the binary number?
And if i want to use the obtained binary number for further calculations, how is it possible with char string?

chescarleta18 0 Newbie Poster

recrox,what is showbits for?

arun26 -4 Newbie Poster
int i,c=0,sum=0;
Salem commented: total waste of effort - to post, as well as to read. -4
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