Hi friends
My question Is not a programming question but it's related to.
It's 2 days that when I run my project(Press F5 or choosing from Debug) the Visual Studio will be closed completely.
what's wrong?what's my problem?
plz.guide me.

Which version od VS are you using?

Are you using any pre-release(beta, CTP etc) version of Visual Studio?

It is known issue in VS 2005.
If you are using RTM version of VS, try to update latest service packs.

I suggest you put a breakpoint very early in your application cycle and step to find which line of code is causing the issue. If it still shuts down before hitting the main method then must be something in the IDE.

It doesn't allow running main method.I re-Install VS again but I have the same problem even with one other project.

it can be a stupid virus

Post your code here so we can have a look in case there is something wrong with the code..

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