Hello everyone. I had a quick question. How can I go about setting constraitnts for a JTextField. I'm trying to not allow users to enter any non numeric numbers, except for dollar signs, commas and periods. Also how can I restrict a JTextField to only allowing two numbers to be entered. Like from 0-99. May someone give me an example to both please. Thanks in advance.

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set up a KeyListener to it which refuses to allow anything you don't want.

May I get an example of how I would do that please. I don't know how to set up constraints at all. I don't really need it for what I'm doing but it would save me some trouble from throwing exceptions, unless the user copy and pastes the info into the textfield.


I tried some of the codes out and still couldn't find a solution. I'll give an example of what I'm trying to do. If I have a field named "JTextField num= new JTextField(10);", how can I make this particular field only accept number formats. It won't allow the user to input any letters at all before they even select enter.

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