Simple Function To Simulate The Push Command, due to VB's limitations, This one is Specific To Strings. (Simple enough to modify for integers or variants, etc)

Public Sub spush(ArrayName() As String, Element As String)
' /* Make Sure The Variable Passed Is An Array */
If IsArray(ArrayName) = False Then Exit Sub

' /* If We Get An Error Here, it's Probably Because the Array */
' /* is dimensioned with no values set, so just make the first element */
On Error GoTo make_it

' /* Allocate A New Array Slot */
ReDim Preserve ArrayName(UBound(ArrayName()) + 1)

' /* Set The Value Of The New Array Indice To Element */
ArrayName(UBound(ArrayName())) = Element

Exit Sub

' /* Code Will Only Jump Here "on error" */
ReDim ArrayName(0)
ArrayName(0) = Element
End Sub