I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition. Does anyone know how to set an Icon for my program (other than the default)? When I click the '...' and then choose an Icon, it claim's I have 'set an Invalid property value'. Can anyone help with this?

I used to use VB6 for years but now I only have Visual Studio.NET installed, so it's hard for me to remember back and picture what you're seeing.

As far as an icon, you're talking about the little icon that shows up on the top left of the title bar of the application window, right?

Are you sure that you're choosing something that, indeed, is an icon? ;) (sorry, but I just had to ask that one)

The only other thing I can remember (and my experience with VB6 has been nonexistent for years already) is that if you want to put an icon on a command button, even after you choose the icon you want, nothing will change, until you set its style attribute to "graphical".

I'm sure this doesn't apply to application icons though. (Just for the heck of it, I just set up an icon in a Visual Basic.NET application with no problems, and I don't remember having any problems with VB6 either?)

Would you maybe be able to send a screenshot? Or provide some more detailed info ... this is a bit boggling, *IF* we're talking about the same thing!


Right, I have a .ico file. I want to put this as the program's taskbar icon.

Well, the taskbar icon is the same as the icon I was talking about ... it just goes to the taskbar when the program is minimized.

I don't understand why this doesn't work. Are you sure you're in the right property field? Do you have a screenshot or ... ?

I'm choosing the Icon property.

What if you tried doing it as a typed command? e.g., on form load, do myForm.icon = myIcon.ico or something along those lines

at least for now, to debug?

I've had this problem in the past with Visual Basic 5. It's a pain. It was with an icon I created. When I tried another icon, one that came with Visual Basic, it worked fine. Try using another icon and see what happens. I get the feeling that even if you set the icon at runtime, you will get the same error (at least I did). Send me the icon, let me try it on my machine.

If you want to load an icon at runtime, you can try something like this in your form_load():

Form1.Icon = LoadPicture("c:\x.ico")

or wherever you icon is. Let me know how it goes. My e-mail address is in my profile.

Cool! Thanks, I'll try that.

"Compile Error: Type Mismatch"


The code works for me. Send me the icon.

ok go to ur main form (the one that will open up first wen ran) then go to properties nd icon u sill see a blank and 3 dots ckil on the 3 dots and find the icon then go to project propersties and go to the tab "make" and then under sections application there will b a lable Icon: clik the down arrow and there will b the default icon and urs clik on urs and ur done.! yay

That's what I did to begin with - it didn't work...

Anyway, I solved it now - my icon had the wrong number of colours or something 8)

Thanks for sending me the icon! ;)

Not to bump an old thread, but the problem in question is caused by a limitation of Visual Basic 6.0 where it only supports .ico files with up to 256 colors. The ICO format, it seems, didn't have support for more than 256 colors until after 1998, when VB6 was released. If an icon you're trying to load gives you the error described above, try reducing the number of colors below 256.

I'm going to install Service Pack 6 again to see if the problem was fixed via the upgrade process. If you see no further comment, even SP6 does nothing to fix this issue. In that case, only upgrading to the latest VB.NET has a chance of working.

Wish me luck!

- Sendoshin

Not to bump an old thread,

Then why did you?

After three years do you really think he's been waiting for an answer?