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The Relative of push is pop. Pop removes the last item in an Array, and returns the value into a single (scalar) variable. Again, due To VB Limitations, this one works on strings.

Public Function spop(ArrayName() As String) as string
' /* Make Sure the Variable Passed Is An array */
If IsArray(ArrayName) = False Then spop = "not array"

' /* Get The Last Value In The Array */
RetVal = ArrayName(UBound(ArrayName()))

' /* Set The Last Element Of The Array To Nothing */
ArrayName(UBound(ArrayName())) = vbNullString

' /* Check If We Are Working With The Only Element In The Array */
If UBound(ArrayName()) = 0 Then
    ' /* If So, Remove The Array */
    Erase ArrayName()
    ' /* Reset the size of the array to 1 less than it was */
    ReDim Preserve ArrayName(UBound(ArrayName()) - 1)
End If

' /* return The Value Of The last element of the array before we removed it */
spop = RetVal

End Function
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