I want to develop a JAVA application which can send and receive SMS.

I have a mobile phone connected to PC through USB cable.

This JAVA program in PC should be able to send and receive SMS.

AT commands are used to instruct mobile phone to send/receive SMS.

But how to interface AT commands in JAVA code ?

Please Reply.

If you have JAVA code, Please send it to <<email addy snipped >>.

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you don't even need a mobile phone to send SMS messages. You need a contract with an SMS service provider who will supply an SDK to use.


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Any way you can create your own application in JAVA. you can even send and receive sms from java you don't need to purchase any service. you can do it by using gsm modem or even your mobile phone.

Check this out and download it by searching from google.


Well done you just reopen thread with last reply 2 years ago and original creation of 2 1/2 year ago to give more or less same advice as already provided.

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