My input file is as below.


Now here the first token designate the nodal name. Now what i want is to create a set of file
name AXY_info.txt,VBE_info.txt,AXX_info.txt and here file name designating the nodal name and each file should contain their respective values. So for that i need to create an array of files depending on the number of distinct nodal points. Also i m facing problem while calling the close() for these files as i m not able to know how many files are being created in advance. How should i do this.
Kindly help

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With 28 posts you should know by now that you have to post code if you expect anyone to be able to answer your question.

If the nodal name is a string type, you can simply add "_info.txt" to it to create the file name. Open and output the rest of the line. Close the file. Read the next nodal name.

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