Hi all,

I want to read a Rich Text Format file and get texts form it only. So, what I have done is according to RTF specification start to code detecting tags. Actually it is too hard, because RTF format has more that 1000 tags. If I going to find each of them it will take a long time.

So I want to do it in shorter time. Can I do it with CRichEditCtrl?

Yes, I'm going to work it on with MFC. What you think about it? Is it difficult, first time I'm going to do this.

>>Is it difficult
Never tried what you want to do, so I don't know.

Ok, here what I've done up to now.

First define CWnd object and CRichEditCrtl objects as follows.

CWnd * m_rtfWnd;
	CRichEditCtrl * m_rtfCtrl;
CFile rtfFile;
	BOOL err = rtfFile.Open("G:\\Work On\\CPP\\RTFControl\\TestFile.rtf", CFile::modeReadWrite, NULL);

	if(err !=0)
		int iLength = rtfFile.GetLength();// Data length
		char *pBuffer = new char[iLength];// Data buffer

		rtfFile.Read(pBuffer, iLength);
		CString rtf(pBuffer);

		m_rtfCtrl->Create(WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|WS_BORDER|ES_MULTILINE, CRect(100,100,100,100), m_rtfWnd, 1);// Associate with CRichEditCtrl
		m_rtfCtrl->SetWindowText(rtf);// Set the window text

		int i, nLength, nCount = m_rtfCtrl->GetLineCount();
		CString strText, strLine;

		for(i = 0;i < nCount;i++)
			nLength = m_rtfCtrl->LineLength(i);
			m_rtfCtrl->GetLine(i, strText.GetBuffer(nLength));

			strLine.Format(("i %d '%s' \n", i, strText.GetBuffer(0)));
			AfxMessageBox(strText, MB_OK);

I got an error when I use 'create' to construct rich edit control. I can't find any error there. Do you guys have any idea about it.