Help required in files. SOME example to explain it please...........?????????????

Very confused??

Dani didn't install the mind-reading plugin for these vBulletin forums. Please tell us some more information; and then we might be able to help you.

Very confused??

Well actually I have no idea about file handleing in C++. I was going through the posts by fire net on fstream.. I am very confused the basic problem is that I am a new commer to C++ and I just cant get to by heart the programmes so I cant understand what various codes mean... So if now u get the hang of what I am trying to relate PLEASE HELP!!!

We'll do our best to help.

Firstly, FireNet's tutorial is quite a read. I haven't utilized fstream recently, but I did learn some new tricks while reading.

Secondly, what areas are you struggling on?

With greater detail, we will be able to help you if you provide particularized information about your current discoveries, and where you are currently struggling.

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