I'm experimenting with creating a web page using VB 6.0 DHTML and have run into problem. I have a page started with text and now I want to add some buttons or elements. The book I've been using says I can just double-click on the element, or pick the element and drag it onto the page. I've tried this and it just doesn't want to work. Is there something that I need to have set that will allow me to bring these eleents into my web page?

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I have just come across this same problem, and I am just starting to experiment with DHTML. Have you come across the answer? - Could you tell me if you have, or if you do in future, because I would really appreaciate it.


Hi, well the short and simple answer that I found is that you can no longer do this in vb 6 using an Internet Explorer with a version higher than 6. At least that is what I've been told. I had moved to IE7 and was told that is why it didn't work. I have not tried that since.

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@mgorecki, I see this was opened in 2007. Please mark this as solved so it can be closed up properly and not being hijacked again, thanks.:)

Your assumption of IE6 and up is correct by the way. You need to use the web browser control under internet library from VB6 sp6...

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