Hi, I was wondering how to program a device driver for Windows XP in c++. For example, say I wanted to make a device driver for a mouse (I say mouse because that seems like one of the most simple everyday 'tools', and would seem as though it were the easiest to write the code for), how would I do this... Is it simple, does it require knowledge of assembly.

I don't expect an answer to be given right here in the forum (though it would be nice), all I really ask is that someone point me in the right direction... Please don't just say 'MSDN'... I am perfectly aware that the MSDN library is a very good resource, and I plan to search there.

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I'm not a moderator but I do have some info that may help. You can send for a free DDK from Microsoft. It has sample code, tutorials, and a lot of good info on driver writing. You just have to pay shipping and handling. About $16.00. You better be pretty comfortable with writing code before you start though. It doesn't teach you basic stuff.


Hi i never makes a driver but i think that you need to make something like ( .drv) .


hi, i am to planning for a device driver please if u have the info about that please reply me

Didn't you even bother to read the replies to this thread??? Salem already provided you the links and all you have to do is read them.

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