Hi, everybody
i need help so fast .......
i work in project that translate from english to arabic & from arabic to english
and i have database that containing english words and there opposite & i made interface that is textbox1 & textbox2 and one button when i enter a word in textbox1 and press on button ......... textbox2 appear on it the meaning of this word ...........ok
i hope you understand me
i need this code today very fast

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OK let me first clear this out...
does your english-term-data separate in another table from arabic-term? or they are just in one table only...
if your table looks like this...
Arabic_Term English_Term
arabic-word english-word

then your sql might be this...

//from arabic to english
string.Format(@"SELECT * from [tablename] where Arabic_Term='{0}' ",TxtBox.Text)

sorry got to stop I have work to done....

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