I make currently a Diplomarbeit and so I need a SNMP API.
I want to ask with a DOS-Application the SNMP - Agent an OID and so i have to develope the DOS-Application. Can i do this with WINSNMP ???
I just do it, because it doesn't work.
My IDE is DevCpp. So i need help at the beginning.

Mfg :-)

> I just do it, because it doesn't work.
So post your best effort to date. Or if it's a large amount of code, create a cut-down version which specifically demonstrates the problem you're facing. Sometimes, the very act of doing this will tell you the answer. Even if it doesn't, the result is much easier for everyone to deal with.

> My IDE is DevCpp.
Just so you know, Dev-C++ does NOT (nor is it capable of) generate DOS applications. It generates Win32 console applications. That black rectangle with a prompt has almost nothing in common with DOS.