ok, i have been working on a prodject for class and hit a big dead end, so i am just going to start over completly(would be easiest) and was hoping to get help from all of you guys, we had to draw numbers out of a hat to get our prodject and mine was pritty bad, i have to make a program that, if the school chooses to use it, would keep track of students and info, and different classes they take, and the classes are divided into clusters and sub clusters. im totally stumped because i just dont have enouph experience with vb.net so any help is appreciated!
p.s. if you wish to help me make it and want to contact me faster than the fourms (because i check fourms 1nce every 2 days on average, sometimes daily) then my email is xX.j.n.Xx@hotmail.com
also please have the subject as vbprodjecthelp because my friends spam me a lot. even when i tell them to stop, i know its all fun and games so hopefully after this program ill work on an email one that will open my emails, send them, and (hopefully) have a special numricalupanddown that will send multiple emails.

I'm only familiar of using databases in PHP, but I know you can in VB.NET

Create A Database
- Add a table entitled 'User' with the student names, info, and a column for the name of each class. Have the class name be a boolean value.
- Add a table entitled 'Classes' and add the names of all the classes with the name of the cluster and the sub cluster.

You should be able to work it out from there, depending on your experience. Hopefully English isn't your first language o.O, (fourms, enouph, prodject, numricalupanddown, completly, pritty, 1nce)

ive tried databasing on my first one, didnt work out so well, i can get it to load the student info in a data grid but every time they want to load a new students class info, they have to type it in a textbox and reload. also i have only one class cluster because i was going to add them after it started to work and there are still 8 more to add so even if i could get it to work better, it still has a long way. i am also having trouble with its saving, i was using upload hoping it would work the same but it only saves maybe 1/4 of the time. could you help? i think as i start over im trying to make it more organized so instead of showing students on a data grid, it shows their info in textboxes. but i just really dont know how.

as for english being my first language, no, first i spoke baby:) lol, but my first language is english just i have speant so much time typing in shorter, or off beat , words and i just hate english class so i dont like to memorize spelling:) i also have to use a lot of abr. because my friends spamming:( also what mite contribute to my bad english is a semester of spanish, and growing up in a mixed household with my dad speaking english and my mom being asian and speaking her language. so if you could, could you help? i am just stuck and cant get any further out of this pb&j mess, lol.

ok... how do i use that remote assistance utility??? i never had to use it before so i dont know

You need to use ms acess database, that is create few tables like student,etc, Unless you know little bit of database designing, I do not know how you would finish your homework.