hi,i've read a lot of tutorial about how to make .rpt from VB.net
Just use add new item menu..and the crystal report will appear at template...

but my problem is when i click add new item, i cannot found crystal report in template..so how to add crystal report to template?
i've installed crystal reports 10...n i've also tried crystal reports 8.5,but it still doesn't dissappear at "add new item" menu...i used VB.net 2005 express edition...

thanks for ur help..

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i think u might have gone and right clicked at the solution file in the solution explorer which is the first one visible. Click at the .vb named file just below it which also bears the same name as your solution. Right clicking on it will open up the list from where when u select add new item a dialog box will open up. From here when u scroll down u will see the crystal report option. Give a suitable name with the extension.rpt and click open. The new report will be added to your solution.

hope u find this helpful.


I have the same problem, i think the express edition dont have crystal reports, so i intall crystal reports X and so fixed.

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