Hi I use the Mozilla Firefox web browser and I keep getting pop-ups that open in IE(Internet Explorer) I want to write a program that hides in the background and closes iexplorer.exe whenever the process tries to run. Is this possible, and if so can someone help me because I have know idea on how to go about writing this. Thanks Cyb3r.

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Are you saying that you have Mozilla as your default browser but specific web pages load IE to display popups?

That's disturbing. Go to Bugzilla and post links to the pages that are doing that.


Yes mozilla is my default browser but there is a piece of adware that i cant get off my computer no matter what software ive tried and it opens the ads in IE hence the reason i want to block IE without uninstalling it. And it has nothing to do with FireFox.


Replace iexplore.exe with a program that does nothing:

1. rename iexplore.exe to ie.exe or some such.
2. compile a program that does nothing and name it iexplore.exe.

I believe that you'll have to do this in safe mode or some such, and you may have to dink with other system backup files also. There is a utility called "replacer" you can google that is designed to help you do this.

Good luck.


Just to be explicit: that should fix your popup problem, but it may cause other problems with legitimate use.

The best bet is to get rid of the adware. It is possible that the adware has infested IE.


AdAware is a good program. Also, you should be running a good anti-virus, which will also watch for and eliminate adware. I got the impression that you tried these already?

The only other solution is to locate and purge affected software. Perhaps a backup of all your data files and re-install Windows as a last resort. Then scan your backed-up files with a good virus/adware filter.


Sadly I cant uninstall or reinstall windows. On the brighter side I did a system restore to a week before i started having problems and did a windows update after I did the restore and so far so good I havent had any problems. Thanks for all your help.

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