#define MAX_BUFFER_SIZE 1000
int ch = 0, alpha [25] = {0}, buffer[MAX_BUFFER_SIZE] = {0} ,count = 0;


while ((ch = (fgetc(stream)))!=EOF)
        buffer [count] = ch;

printf("%d", alpha [25]);


The problem is: alpha [25] contains buffer [0], (alpha[25] is supposed to be 0). which suggests that the memory space allocated for alpha[25] is also the starting memory space of buffer[0]!!! How could this be? I am ultimately confused. Is there anything wrong with my computer?

Any help is deeply thanked.

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alpha [25] is off the end of the array. Arrays are indexed from 0 to N-1, which means an array declared as

int alpha[25];

may be indexed from 0 to 24.

im confused with your explaination of your problem.....
maybe you mean ... the index of alpha will be the value of buffer[0]..
then use..

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